Ahmadi Muslim Women Organize Interfaith Conference in Qadian

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp DECEMBER 13, 2021 An interfaith conference was organized by Lajna Imaillah (women’s auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community), Qadian on the theme, “Role of Women in Establishing Peace” on 12 December 2021. The event took place in the premises of Nusrat Library, Qadian. The session commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Wajeeha Basharat Sahiba followed by a poem recited by Safiya Habib Sahiba. After this, Amatul Wasee Shumaila Sahiba, the National Deputy Head of Lajna Imaillah, India delivered the welcome address. This was followed by a speech by


First Peace Symposium in Amritsar, Punjab

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Amritsar organized its maiden Peace Symposium on 26 November 2021 on the theme of “True and Sustainable World Peace”. The program was presided by Mr Shiraz Ahmed, Additional Nazir Ala (Executive Director) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, India and was attended by over 150 guests from different walks of life. By evening, guests started arriving at M K Hotel Amritsar, the venue of the event. Badges specially designed for the event bearing the Community’s motto, “Love for All, Hatred for None” were given to guests

Fact vs. Fiction

Shariah: Separating Truth from Myths

Islam envisions the world in the form of a pluralistic ecosystem. Hence, enacting shariah law becomes impossible even in countries with Muslim majorities, let alone the multireligious nations and societies.


Taming the Temper: Islamic Teachings on Anger Management

A drive through rush hour traffic, a bad day at the office or reading irate tweets on social media can all induce our anger. As the incontinent expression of rage can have damaging outcomes, we ought to control our anger in such situations.