Contemporary Issues

Loyalty towards Nation Is a Part of Faith

It is very easy to simply speak of, or hear the words, ‘loyalty and love for one’s nation.’ However, in reality, these few words encompass meanings that are wide-ranging, beautiful and of tremendous depth.

Contemporary Issues

Suicide Prevention: What Can We Do to Spark Hope?

Suicide is a social and psychological phenomenon that is present in every culture. Every year, around 800,000 people take their own life. However, suicide is preventable with correct and timely approach.

Contemporary Issues

Global Unrest and Impending Doom

Nations have always devised strategies to wage wars in the disguise of stopping injustice. But the world has witnessed many a time how truthful their intentions were and how fruitful such wars proved to be.

Contemporary Issues

Rage over Hijab in the Age of Sexual Objectification

While the so-called gender-equal societies rage over Muslim women taking on Hijabs, they purposefully turn a blind eye to the vast sexualization and objectification of women in the media and fashion industry.

Contemporary Issues

The Question of Superiority

Biological characteristics do not grant a person any superiority over others. The real merit is the merit of righteousness.