Islamic Teachings

The Magic of Smiling: A Simple Way to Spread Joy

By embracing a smiling disposition, Prophet Muhammad(sa) set a powerful example for his followers, encouraging them to uplift the spirits of others, bring cheerfulness to their surroundings, and foster an atmosphere of love and harmony.

Taming the Temper: Islamic Teachings on Anger Management

A drive through rush hour traffic, a bad day at the office or reading irate tweets on social media can all induce our anger. As the incontinent expression of rage can have damaging outcomes, we ought to control our anger in such situations.

Fasting: The Jihad of the Soul

The Holy Prophet (sa) said, “If people knew about the excellences of Ramadan, then my Ummah would have wished the entire year to be Ramadan”.

Fighting the Shadow Pandemic

Though various steps have been taken to curb down domestic abuse, the root causes behind the problem remain largely unaddressed.