Contemporary Issues

Fighting the Shadow Pandemic

Though various steps have been taken to curb down domestic abuse, the root causes behind the problem remain largely unaddressed.

Fact vs. Fiction

The Truth About Ghazwa-e-Hind

Loyalty to nation is a part of faith. But opponents try to call this fact into question by misrepresenting one of the prophecies of Muhammad(sa).

Islamic Teachings

Being the Progeny of Adam

Is pursuing worldly provisions the sole purpose of our lives, or is there any greater meaning to our existence?

Gender Equality
Contemporary Issues

Dispelling the Allegation of Misogyny

Critics often employ contextomy to misrepresent the views of the Promised Messiah(as). Here we refute a false allegation of misogyny raised against him.

Contemporary Issues

The Path to Peace

With the milestone document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and many institutions working towards resolving conflicts, should not the world already be thriving in peace?

Contemporary Issues

Weed Out Patriarchy to End Rape Crisis

Rape crisis is on the rise and shows no sign of abating. It is time to end the patriarchal norms that are increasing the incidence of rape and crime against women.


Islam: A Solace, Not a Menace

Islam has been largely misunderstood as an ideology endorsing terrorism. While the opponents of Islam try to assert this narrative, nothing can be further from the truth.