Eid Milan

Sharing the joy and sweetness of Eid with fellow citizens


The Prophet of Islam(sa) said that a person should desire for others whatever he desires for himself. Certainly, every person desires peace and happiness for themselves. His Holiness also instructed that we must love for others, what we love for ourselves.
After one month of Fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. The month of Ramadan teaches peace, kindness, tranquillity, and tolerance. On the day of Eid ever Muslim pledge that He/She shall continue the good deeds that the Ramadan has taught them. Hence Eid is a day of celebration and happiness.
As per the tradition of Islam, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organizes “Eid Milan” functions throughout India in which the Jama’at invites its neighbours, friends, well-wishers, and all near and dear ones. The Holy Prophet of Islam has also advised that it is necessary to be grateful to people before being grateful to Allah Almighty. So on the occasion of Eid, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community invites all its friends to share its happiness and joy of this celebration.