Peace Symposiums

An endeavour to spread peace around the world


The Peace Symposiums are one of the flagship events of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community around the world.

The aim of such events is to achieve the larger goal of attaining Peace in society by bringing people from diverse walks of life together and provide them a forum to exchange ideas and experiences on its attainment in today’s pluralistic society worldwide.

The event not only brings diverse people together but fosters deep bonds of understanding and brotherhood among them.

This Symposium is a key event of the Community held at various cities and towns in India. The event promotes a deeper understanding of Islam and other faiths and seeks to inspire a concerted effort for lasting peace. The theme for this year’s peace symposium is:

‘The Foundations for True Peace’

Many guests attend this unique event including Representatives of States, parliamentarians, diplomats, faith and civic leaders as well as representatives from numerous charities and faith communities. Various dignitaries deliver short speeches on the topic and enlighten the audience on the importance and ways to establish peace in the society.

An endeavour to spread peace around the world

Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is dedicated to establish peace and to protect the basic human rights of all wherever they may be in the world and is also keen to recognise efforts made by those who seek to advance the cause of peace. The Annual Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize is presented at the National Peace Symposium in recognition of an individual’s or an organisation’s contribution to the advancement of the cause of peace. Click here for more information.
Some Previous Guest Speakers
“I believe the work you are doing incarnates so much that is good and remarkable about the genius of this city… in bringing together communities, through understanding”
Boris Johnson
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
“You help everyone understand each other better & you teach us to look into our hearts to make sure love is in our hearts. Religious leadership you give & that message is very welcome.”
Rt Hon Ed Davey
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party
“Each one of us and each one of our communities represented here tonight has something entrusted in us to do for the course of peace and justice in the world. ”
Rev Kevin McDonald
Catholic Church