A Call for Justice: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifa Speaks Out on Palestinian Crisis

May Allah the Almighty enable the major powers to establish justice on both sides and thereby establish peace. It should not be that they lean towards one side and thus usurp the rights of the other side.

A Call for Justice: The Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifa Speaks Out on Palestinian Crisis

May Allah the Almighty enable the major powers to establish justice on both sides and thereby establish peace. It should not be that they lean towards one side and thus usurp the rights of the other side.

OCTOBER 14, 2023

Speaking during his Friday Sermon at the Mubarak Mosque in Islamabad, Tilford on 13 October 2023, the World Head and the Fifth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, spoke about the injustices being carried out in the war between Hamas and Israel, saying:

I would like to make an appeal for prayers in relation to the current situation of the world. In the past days, a war has started between Hamas and Israel due to which civilians on both sides – women, children and the elderly – are being killed or have been killed, without any distinction.

Even at times of war, Islam does not permit the killing of women, children or anyone who is not participating in the war, and this teaching was strictly established by the Holy Prophetsa.

The world is saying – and it has some truth to it – that Hamas initiated this war and killed Israeli civilians indiscriminately. Leaving aside the fact that the Israeli army has been killing innocent Palestinians prior to this, Muslims should always act according to Islamic teachings. Israel is responsible for whatever its army has done, and there are many different ways of reaching a resolution. If there is a legitimate war, then it can take place against the army, but not against women, children and the innocent. Nevertheless, the step Hamas took was wrong; it caused more harm than good.

In response [to Hamas’ attack], the punishment or war should have remained against Hamas alone – this would have been true bravery and the correct response. However, what the Israeli army is doing now is extremely dangerous, and it seems this will not stop. The number of lives of women and children that will be lost cannot be imagined. 

The Israeli government announced that it would completely wipe out Gaza, and to do that, it endlessly bombed Gaza, reducing it to a pile of ashes. The latest development is that the Israeli government is saying that more than 1 million people should leave Gaza, and some have begun leaving already. 

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba speaking during his Friday Sermon on 13 October 2023

Thankfully, though a weak voice, the UN has raised some concern that this is against human rights, is wrong, will create a lot of problems and that Israel should rethink this instruction. Instead of condemning Israel outrightly, they [the UN] are making a mere request.

Nevertheless, the innocent who are not participating in the war are not to be blamed. If the world sees Israeli women, children and civilians as innocent, then the Palestinians are also innocent. 

The teachings of these People of the Book also say such killing is not allowed. Muslims are blamed that they have committed wrong, but these people should look at themselves too.

In any case, we must pray a great deal.

The Palestinian Ambassador [to the UK] gave a television interview here, perhaps to the BBC, and in response to a question, said that Hamas is a militant group, not the government, and that the Palestinian government has nothing to do with them. He also raised a question, and quite rightly so, that if true justice had been established, then this situation would not have arisen. If world powers do not have double standards, then such disorder and warfare can never even occur. Thus, end these double standards and the wars will end themselves.

These are the points which I have been saying for a long time, in light of Islamic teachings, but in response leaders agree. However, they are not prepared to act accordingly.

Ignoring justice, all the world powers – or Western powers – are now uniting in taking harsh measures against Palestinians, and conversations are being held everywhere about sending armies.

Images of the oppressed are shown to depict the injustices being perpetrated, and false reports are shown in the media. One day, there will be news about the condition of Israeli women and children and their dire circumstances. The next day, it turns out that they were not Israelis but, in fact, Palestinians. Yet, the media does not take any accountability for this, and there is no sympathy expressed for them. These people simply follow the rule of “might is right”. They will bend before anyone who has worldly wealth.

Upon analysis, it seems the world powers are bent on fanning the flames of war, rather than putting them out; they do not want this war to end. After the First World War, the world powers created the League of Nations in order to bring an end to wars. But it proved to fail due to not fulfilling the demands of justice, and in striving to maintain its own dominance. Then, the Second World War took place, and it is said that more than 70 million lives were lost. This is the same situation as the UN. It was created to establish justice, aid the oppressed, and try to end wars. However, these are all far from being reality. Everyone is concerned with their own interests.

The average person cannot even comprehend the destruction of the war that will result from these injustices. All major powers are well aware of these consequences, yet there is still no focus on establishing justice in the world, nor is anyone even prepared to pay attention to this.

In such circumstances, Muslim nations, at the very least, should come to their senses. They should erase their own disagreements in order to establish unity. If Allah the Almighty has commanded Muslims to improve their relationships with the People of the Book by saying, “Come to a word equal between us and you”[1],  and this is referring to the belief in God, then why is it that Muslims – who all share the same creed – cannot place their problems aside and come together? They must ponder over this and establish unity. This is the only way to rid the world of the disorder we see today. They should unite and raise a resounding voice for the fulfilment of the requirements of justice and fulfilling the rights of the oppressed, wherever they may be. If there is unity, there will be power in the voice that is raised. Otherwise, these Muslim nations will be responsible for the loss of innocent lives. These powers should remember the teaching of the Holy Prophetsa to aid both the oppressed and the oppressor [by stopping them from oppression]. This important point must be understood.

May Allah the Almighty grant wisdom and understanding to the Muslim governments, and may they unite to uphold justice. May He also grant wisdom and understanding to the powers of the world, so that instead of causing destruction in the world, they strive to save the world from destruction. May their purpose not be to satisfy their egos. It should always be remembered that when destruction occurs, even these powers will not remain secure.

In any case, the only weapon we possess is the weapon of prayer. Thus, more than ever before, all Ahmadis should use this weapon now.

Some Ahmadi households in Gaza were destroyed. May Allah the Almighty keep them safe. May He keep all the innocent and oppressed safe, wherever they may be.

May Allah the Almighty grant understanding to Hamas, so they do not become responsible for the cruelties inflicted on their own people, nor should they commit injustices against anyone. If they are compelled to fight, then they must do so according to the commandments of Islam. Enmity for another nation should not lead us away from acting with justice. This is the command of Allah the Almighty.

May Allah the Almighty enable the major powers to establish justice on both sides and thereby establish peace. It should not be that they lean towards one side and thus usurp the rights of the other side. May they not commit injustices and cruelties.

May Allah the Almighty grant us the opportunity to witness peace and security in the world.


[1] Holy Quran 3:65


Dr. Hadi Akram · October 14, 2023 at 8:47 am

Allah Apna Fazal Kare

GH Mohiuddin dar from shurat kulgam · October 14, 2023 at 10:07 am

Pray to the Almighty God to give the sanse of understanding of justice to both the sides of oppressed as well as oppresser, to avoid any destructive results thereof and also pray for safety of our community brothers. Ammeen

Mohamed Zakkaria · October 14, 2023 at 2:15 pm

சிறந்த நடுநிலையான சிந்தனை.

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