An Appeal to All for the Establishment of Peace

  • Mutual understanding and unity are essential for the development of the nation.
  • Hindus and Muslims are indispensable to each other in this country. To increase mutual trust in each other is the need of the time.

FEBRUARY 29, 2020

The recent outbreak of violence in New Delhi, the national capital, has resulted in the loss of lives and wealth of common people. More than 30 people including a police head constable have lost their lives in this tragic event. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community, India stands with those affected by this incident and expresses its heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and pray for the injured and those who are undergoing treatment and who have endured financial losses.

Since its establishment, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has been striving for unity among different communities in India. 112 years ago, the founder of the community, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian wrote a book named “A Message of Peace” in which he stressed upon the need of unity to eradicate tensions and anxieties from our nation so that those seeking to create a divide between people on the basis of religion do not succeed. He says:

It should always be borne in mind that Hindus and Muslims are indispensable to each other in this country. If one is beset with a calamity, the other will inescapably share it. If either one intends to humiliate the other, out of egoistic pride or vanity, then it will not escape the consequent disgrace itself. And if anyone among them falls short of showing concern for his neighbour, then he too will suffer the ill effect of his callousness. Anyone who contemplates annihilation of the other is like one who saws off the branch on which he is sitting. With the Grace of Allah, you have also got a measure of education; it behoves you now to eschew grudge and promote mutual love. Similarly, the dictates of your wisdom require that you abandon the course of callousness and adopt an attitude of compassion and sympathy. The hardship of this life is like unto a journey in a desert in the midst of summer on a hot sunny day. It would be futile to take this arduous journey without cool water. It is the cool water of mutual love which you so direly need to extinguish this burning fire and to save you from dying of thirst. In precarious times such as these, I invite you to a truce, as reconciliation is urgently required by both nations. (A Message of Peace p. 11)

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community, India presents its founder’s heartfelt message of compassion to the people of India and appeals to increase mutual trust between communities for establishing love and unity. We also request the people of India to play their positive roles in establishing peace and to cooperate with relevant government departments.

Ahmadiyya Muslim community is not a political party. Nor has it any ulterior motive or personal gain in this appeal. Instead, this expression is solely out of its love and compassion towards humanity, because Islam teaches us compassion and love towards homeland. With this same spirit, Love for All, Hatred for None is not just the motto of the community, but is the value which each member of the community lives by.

May Allah make our country India a haven of peace. Ameen.


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