Cultivating the Practice of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can positively encourage us to be re-acquainted with the pleasure of eating. It increases our cognisance of the inputs, sensations, and outcomes of the dining experience.

Taming the Temper: Islamic Teachings on Anger Management

A drive through rush hour traffic, a bad day at the office or reading irate tweets on social media can all induce our anger. As the incontinent expression of rage can have damaging outcomes, we ought to control our anger in such situations.

No to Slouching: Why Good Posture Matters

Posture is often overlooked. It is something usually considered as of little or no importance. But the fact is good posture benefits us in a multitude of ways while bad posture can ruin our overall health.

Addiction: Consequences and Remedy

Addiction among children and youth is a grave issue of the time. Not only does addiction divert humans from spiritual activities, it also affects the functioning of a person in all aspects of life.