Are We Neglecting the Most Powerful Weapon in Our Fight Against Covid-19?


Mankind is certainly going through the most difficult times of the decade. In every country, at every place, people are forced to stay at home in order to be safe and healthy. There are many precautions and safety measures governments are making their subjects to observe so as to tackle the pandemic of COVID-19. Furthermore, medical apparatuses and kits are being used to cure those infected. News channels are busy making big claims only to reach unwarranted conclusions about the real cause of this pandemic. Every day researches are carried out, and a new way out is proposed which gives people at least a sigh of relief that they will cherish their life as they used to, within a string of days.

But has anyone cared to turn towards the Creator of mankind, Who has been forgotten as if He does not even exist? Has anyone considered thinking that this pandemic is because of the rise of the unspiritual world which has totally forgotten the life beyond this life and has taken the present world to be eternal? The prominent religious scriptures, messengers, and leaders have always warned the world to never forget the Creator who commands all the happenings. The world is facing the Covid-19 crisis in the worst manner as it could be. Thousands have died, millions have been tested positive and billions are on the threshold of getting infected. Man is wondering why the whole world is engulfed by such a dreadful disease. He exclaims if there will be an end to this pandemic and a way out from this disaster? But has anyone turned towards the Creator and tried to invoke His mercy?

The world today has been blinded by its material progresses to such an extent that it thinks that it can handle any situation on its own. But the truth is totally different. The Creator of the universe has been the Master and the Dictator of all times. He is the Lord of not just humans, but the whole universe. Hence, when man transgresses the balance of nature, consequences should follow. A quick look at the present situation of the world will be enough to come to conclude that it is the deeds of humans which caused the outbreak of this pandemic.

Researches have been carried since the outbreak of the disease and still, there is no solution to the virus. All these situations compel us to turn ourselves to our Lord, Who created us and all the things in the world and seek His help alongside our worldly efforts. If we turn towards Him asking for His forgiveness and mercy he will surely take us out from this disease. An Atheist may neglect the truth of the Existence of God, but when they will fail to find any solution, they will surely feel the need of a helper who can help them out of any drastic situation.  If we bow down before God in supplication and ask for His mercy, then surely He will turn to us with graciousness and mercy as He Himself says in the Holy Quran,

Pray unto me, I will answer your prayers.[1]

Thus it is the need of the time that we all, staying inside our homes, come together and pray to our Creator and ask for His forgiveness and mercy for He has been long neglected by being lost in the illusion of the worldly objects.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba)

Regarding the prevailing situation and the negligence of man towards his Creator, the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa says,

Therefore, this virus has compelled the world to reflect about returning to God…. thus, in these circumstances, where we need to reform ourselves, we also need to effectively carry out the propagation (of the message of Islam). We must, more than before, acquaint the world with Islam. Moreover, every Ahmadi should try and inform the world that if you desire salvation then you must recognize your God Who has created you; because the best end is the life in the hereafter. Do not hold associates with him and fulfill the right of His creation.[2]

We have tried all the worldly means in order to tackle this pandemic, let’s try this way out too, hoping that this may work out for all of us.

The author is a graduate from Jamia Ahmadiyya Qadian, the Ahmadiyya Institute of Languages and Theology. He currently serves the community as a missionary in Qadian.


[1] Holy Quran 40: 60

[2] Friday Sermon 20 March 2020


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