Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Gives an Important Message to the World for 2021

Whether it be the new year or Eid, our true happiness will be when humanity begins to recognize true human values, and when hatred turns to love.

JANUARY 1, 2021

In his Friday Sermon delivered on January 1, 2021, at Mubarak Mosque Islamabad, Tilford, the Worldwide Head and the Fifth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba said:

Today marks the beginning of a new year and is also the first Friday. Hence, pray that this year proves to be blessed for this Community, the whole world and the entire humanity. May we continue to turn to and prostrate before God more than before and increase our standards of worship. Similarly, may the worldly people also come to realise the purpose of their creation and fulfil their responsibilities towards God and also fulfil the rights they owe to one another instead of usurping each other’s rights.

His Holiness further said:

For the past year, we have been enduring a grave pandemic, from which no place in the world is safe… But it seems that the majority of the world does not want to consider the fact that this pandemic may have come about for us to start fulfilling our responsibilities and rights we owe to God and one another. They do not think that perhaps God wants to remind us or draw our attention towards this.

Referring to the letters he had sent to various world leaders with respect to Covid-19, his Holiness said:

A few months ago, I sent letters to various world leaders explaining to them with respect to Covid-19 and with reference to the words of the Promised Messiahas that such calamities come about from becoming unmindful of our responsibilities and growing in injustice. Though some leaders replied, their replies were limited to the worldly aspect of the crisis and made no mention of the part relating to God which I had mentioned in detail in my letters.

These leaders do not seem to take any steps in changing their ways, nor do they wish to draw the attention of their people to their true purpose. This is despite the fact that they all know that the after-effects of this pandemic will be very dangerous; something which every world leader, every person of wisdom and every analyst knows very well. However, their efforts are limited to the worldly aspect and do not look towards the real solution.

Explaining how this pandemic will affect the future of the world, his Holiness warned all the people saying:

Not only is this pandemic affecting the health of people, but at the same time, everyone is impacted at a societal level. The economy of even the developed countries is teetering on the brink of collapse. Worldly people have only one solution to this, which is that when their own resources become depleted, they will take the resources of smaller nations, as a result of which blocs will form and wars will break out. In fact, some say wars have already begun… Subsequently, the world will fall into an even deeper pit. The smaller countries are already in a bad situation. But, then, the people of the developed countries will also suffer and their situation will become very devastated.

Thus, before the world falls into such a state, we must do our part in warning and helping the world. Thus, it will only be right to congratulate one another on the new year once we fulfil our responsibilities in this manner and do our part in warning the world.

Addressing Ahmadi Muslims and reminding them of their responsibilities, his Holiness said:

It is clear that in order to do this, we must analyse ourselves. For us, who have accepted the Messiah of the age, are we fulfilling the rights owed to God, and then for His sake, fulfilling the rights owed to His people? Or do we still have to reform ourselves and increase our standards of love for one another? Thus, every Ahmadi must ponder and realize that they have the responsibility of a great task, the fulfilment of which calls for them to first establish a loving community among Ahmadis.

Then we must bring the world under that flag which was raised by the Holy Prophetsa, which is of the unity of God. Only then will we be fulfilling the pledge of allegiance which we have made; only then will we be able to receive the blessing of God Almighty, and only then will it be appropriate for us to congratulate one another on the dawning of a new year.

May God enable us to do this. Every Ahmadi man, woman and child should understand this and vow to strive and use all their faculties and capacities to bring about a revolutionary change in the world. May God grant every Ahmadi the ability to do this.

His Holiness further stated:

Whether it be the new year or Eid, our true happiness will be when we raise the banner of the unity of God in every corner of the world, for which the Holy Prophetsa was commissioned in this world. Our true happiness will be when humanity begins to recognise true human values, and when hatred turns to love. May God soon grant us the means to this true happiness.

May the Muslim world have the wisdom to recognise the Promised Messiah who has come. May the world also have the wisdom to fulfil the rights they owe towards God and His creation.

In the end, his Holiness prayed:

May this year be a source of blessings for every Ahmadi and every single person in the world. May we be safeguarded from those shortcomings of the past due to which we have incurred the displeasure of God or due to which we have remained bereft of attaining certain blessings. May God make us the recipients of His blessings and may we become true believers.


Chaudhry Ahmad · January 4, 2021 at 8:25 am

Perfect advice to the whole world by the head of Ahmadia community

Dr Saad Butt · January 4, 2021 at 8:29 am

This is very beautiful article.

Bashiruddin Hosein · January 6, 2021 at 2:27 am

Thank you Huzoor for these blessed words

Salman khan · February 4, 2021 at 11:57 am

Very beautiful articles

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